Thursday, February 18, 2010

HOTSPOTS: Amazing new coffee house in LA

I just found out about this really unique new coffee house called Intelligentsia Coffee and Tea.  They have a few locations in Chicago, Silver Lake, NYC, and Venice (Los Angeles).  Checking it out tomorrow...apparently they are starting some new locations in Pasadena (according to the LA Times Food section).  The unique thing about this coffee house is that they make extremely high quality teas and coffee, and you literally walk right up to your own barista stand to order.  I am hoping that the coffee will be similar in taste and quality to Illy, and other high quality European coffees.

Here's a link to the Abbot Kinney/Venice location:

Update: I visited Intelligentsia for coffee and dessert post a great dinner at Monsoon, and while their baked goods were running low, I did try the espresso over vanilla bean gelato (I think they call it an exlato) and had a great macchiato.  The space was positively amazing, and while it's very bare and minimalist, it's definitely much more cozy than your neighborhood chain coffee shop.


  1. Tasneem, this sounds like a great place! I definitely will check it out!