Friday, March 5, 2010

HOTSPOTS: Set your alarm now for these LA Breakfast Spots

A combination of my "pork-allergies" and health-consciousness caused me to avoid eating breakfast out for a number of years...until I found the following breakfast-savers:
  • Mani's Bakery and Cafe on Fairfax in Los Angeles - ultra healthy, tasty, and no other-white-meat on site
  • A Votre Sante in Brentwood - great organic, healthy options - o.w.m. free - do order a side of blue corn and banana pancakes
  • M Cafe de Chaya in Culver City, on Melrose, or the new Beverly Hills location - vegan, and you won't miss anything
  • Figtree's Cafe on the Venice Boardwalk - organic, super-reasonable, and o.w.m free - they use soy-cheese, chicken sausage, and make multigrain pancakes - yum
  • Inn on the Seventh Ray in Topanga Canyon - go here for an amazing, organic, and o.w.m. free Sunday buffet (a la carte is good too for those of you who aren't big morning eaters) - where else can you enjoying a stevia sweetened scone and crab legs while sitting next to a running creek?
  • Madeleine Bistro in Tarzana - check them out for an ultra-unique vegan brunch experience - just don't wear your Juicy sweats to this slightly dressy establishment
  • Whole Foods Market everywhere - variety, variety, and more variety - and you can sit and eat here for you grocery-store-phobes
  • Marston's Restaurant in Pasadena - they are ultra-helpful with any "allergies" and serve up amazing corn-flake coated french toast (I get mine made with whole wheat toast, low oil, and a side of strawberries)

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