Sunday, October 28, 2012

DRINKS: 4 Steps to a Perfect Cup of Coffee

Philz, Intelligentsia, Blue Bottle and Urth have all attempted to convince you that you can't make a great cup of coffee without a professional who spends 4+ minutes painstakingly dripping your coffee through some advanced filter...the truth is you can make amazing, fresh coffee at home without all the drama. 

Here's what you need: a coffee grinder (Cuisinart makes good ones), a great french press (see my Bodum stainless steel press here), and of course, some good whole bean coffee. I recommend a french press over a coffee maker for a few reasons: it's easier to clean and you don't have to remember to buy those pesky filters.  If you take my advice on buying a french press, go with a stainless steel version; glass ones can and do break.

On to the good stuff - follow these simple steps to get started brewing your own fresh coffee:
  • Grind your coffee beans
    • I prefer to blend enough for at least 3-4 days and store my grounds in a stainless steel airtight container - good gladware will suffice
  • Scoop a 1-2 tablespoons of coffee per cup into your french press
    • You can make it stronger or weaker by increasing or decreasing the amount of coffee you use

  • Pour boiling water into your press 
    • This is where an electric water kettle could be very useful
  • Let coffee brew for 2-3 minutes, press french press coffee handle down, and enjoy your perfectly brewed cup of joe!
    • Add your creamer and sugar and you're good to go